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Michael Klein and Claude Edwards have over 45 years experience as Field Biologists with our emphasis in insects, birds and plants within the Southern California area. Going forward Klein-Edwards Professional Services (KEPS) plans to focus on training and teaching in our areas of expertise with an emphasis in insects and their ecology. The remaining website will be spent on what we enjoy and passionate about  as well as opportunities for others to utilize our expertise to teach you and make you better as a Field Biologist or if you are not in that profession but desire to learn more about primarily insects and their ecology within our region or just understand the basic identification parameters of them or overall what their function is within the environment, we would be honored share that with you.

Part of the Field Biology profession is understanding certain animals that are protected either under the State or Federal Government.  For many as Field Biologists they wish to gain field experience for these particular animals to gain, at the federal level, a permit in which they can survey for these animals.  It is both emotionally and financially rewarding to conduct surveys for them.

At KEPS we offer training on insects with an anticipation that some of our training can be used towards some of the required field time to gain a person's permit. We do not guarantee any or all of the training time would be used towards those permits but we know that any training from either Claude and Michael will absolutely enhance your knowledge of those species train on.

You can check out our Testimonial page from some that have received specialized training or even check out Michael Klein's LinkedIn page with all of the endorsements he has received.
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